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    Achieved Press Releases /2002/


December 2, 2002

FREE Technical Seminar: Design of RF-Passive Components and Critical Nets on December 12, 2002 in San Diego, CA

June 5, 2002

OEA International Announces RF-PASS, 3D Passive Component Design and Analysis Soft-ware Suite for RF and Analog Designers

June 3, 2002

OEA International Announces NET-AN/PT, the First 3D Critical Path Solver Linked with PrimeTime for Accurate Timing Closure

May 28, 2002

At DAC 2002 OEA International Invites You to Attend FREE High Speed Digital and RF Design Tutorials

May 20, 2002

OEA International Announces the First Hierarchical Design Planner for Power Distribution Networks

April 29, 2002

OEA International Announces the First Frequency Dependent Inductance Solver for Packages

April 1, 2002

OEA International Announces Multi-processor Extraction Tool That Reduces Multi-Day Jobs to a Few Hours

March 5, 2002

OEA International Hosts Seminar on Design and Extraction of Interconnects for High Speed ICs

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