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OEA International Announces NET-AN/PT, the First 3D Critical Path Solver Linked With PrimeTime For Accurate Timing Closure

Morgan Hill, CA - June 3, 2002 - OEA today announced NET-AN/PT, an interface of the OEA NET-AN 3D Critical Net extraction Tool with the Synopsys' PrimeTime full chip timing analysis tool.  NET-AN/PT is the result of a joint development effort and technology OEM Agreement with Silicon Metrics of Austin, Texas. NET-AN/PT provides an easy to use, intuitive interface to the NET-AN 3D extraction tool.  Using this interface, gate-level designers can collect nets associated with a set of timing paths, submit them for extraction, and load the resulting Detailed Standard Parasitics File (DSPF) or Standard Parasitic Exchange Format (SPEF) without leaving the PrimeTime environment.  NET-AN/PT is implemented without changing the initial timing flow.  After evaluation of timing using parasitics from a full chip extractor, critical path failures can be verified with the more accurate parasitics from the NET-AN 3D extractor. After ECOs to the routing, NET-AN/PT is the only tool that allows for individual critical paths to be re-extracted and updated in the timing database.

NET-AN/PT works with any gate level design and can be applied to block level or full chip level designs.  Using several new Tcl commands within the PrimeTime interface, the user can easily find critical paths that are dominated by interconnect. The critical paths are then submitted to the NET-AN 3D extractor and accurate parasitics are back-annotated via DSPF or SPEF into the PrimeTime database.  The user then can recompute the path, based on the more accurate parasitics to see if it will now pass or determine where to correct the net.  An optional full transistor level Spice simulation of the critical path is available.

NET-AN/PT supports Platform Computing Corporation's Load Sharing Facility (LSF) software. If available, NET-AN/PT queues its extraction jobs to LSF queues and processes the results as they complete. This is the most effective means of distributing the processing load. 

Pricing and Availability

OEA’s NET-AN/PT interface tool is available immediately starting at $20,000.

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