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OEA International Announces the First Frequency Dependent Inductance Solver for Packages

Morgan Hill, CA - April 29, 2002 - OEA today announced HENRY™ 2.0, an inductance extraction tool for the calculation of package parasitic inductance, resistance, and mutual inductance.  New features are: frequency dependent inductance and resistance and a new graphical interface.  “With chip IO speeds increasing dramatically, accurate frequency dependent parasitics are critical for determining if a chip will function properly.” said Ersed Akcasu, President of OEA International, Inc.  Applications include bond wires, package leads, and package ground planes.

HENRY was rewritten to include an advanced partial equivalent element calculation that was modified to include frequency dependent skin effects.  HENRY includes three solvers, one for structures in which the current flow is defined by the structure, such as bond wires and package leads; a second solver is for power and ground planes where the current flow is determined by the positions of the pins and vias; and a third solver for reduction of inductively coupled Spice networks to an equivalent inductance and resistance.  Many bundled utilities help automatically create complex shapes such as bond wires and tab lead frames.

HENRY was first announced in 1991, and was the first inductance extraction tool available on the market. 

Pricing and Availability

OEA’s HENRY tool is available immediately starting at $18,000.

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