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OEA International Announces Multi-Processor Extraction Tool that Reduces Multi-Day Jobs to a Few Hours

Morgan Hill, CA - April1, 2002 - OEA today announced NET-AN/MP[TM], a new multi-processor parasitic extractor that allows users to leverage a large network of workstations to achieve an order of magnitude performance improvement corresponding to the number of processors deployed.

 By dividing the extraction into completely independent processes, NET-AN/MP allows the user to take full advantage of any available workstation on the network.  Performance improvement in NET-AN/MP achieves a nearly linear scaling to the number of processors assigned to the task.

The tool runs on large multi-processor servers, desktop workstations, or any combination of the two.  Moreover, NET-AN/MP allows users to take full advantage of their investment in 'compute farms'.

The NET-AN/MP parasitic extractor uses a seamless 3D field solver to dynamically extract precise resistance and capacitance values for critical interconnect nets, paths or buses.  In addition, it accurately extracts inductance and mutual inductance parasitics-an important parasitic for delay and crosstalk analysis in high-speed critical nets that is often overlooked in other extractors.  This enables engineers to design even faster clocks on future designs, extracting more of the potential performance improvements from the latest DSM processes.

 Sun Microsystems, Inc., [NASDAQ: SUNW] has licensed the NET-AN/MP product for use in its microprocessor and ASIC design programs.

"We believe that NET-AN/MP has the potential to significantly reduce time required for the validation cycle and also use the tool during the design optimization phase to fine tune the clock." said Sunil Joshi, Vice President, Design Automation and Compute Resources at SUN Microsystems. "The combination of NET-AN/MP and Sunís processor design computer ranch with over 5,000 processors should help expedite the development of next generation processors."

  Pricing and Availability

OEA's NET-AN/MP Extractor capability is available immediately starting at $200,000.

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