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OEA International Announces RF-PASS, 3D Passive Component Design and Analysis Software Suite for RF and Analog Designers

Morgan Hill, CA - June 5, 2002 - OEA today announced RF-PASS, a software suite targeted at RF and analog design engineers.  RF-PASS allows designers to quickly analyze interconnects and passive components on RF and analog ICs.  RF-PASS can be used to analyze complex multiple layer interdigitated capacitors, inductors, transformers, resistors, pads, arbitrary interconnect and any combination of these components.

A bundled graphical user interface allows users to import layout data, define ports, select frequencies and extract highly accurate frequency dependent distributed spice netlists that include: resistance, capacitance, inductance and mutual inductance.  These accurate extracted spice representations of the layout are processed by the bundled spice-like solver to generate N-Port scattering, impedance and admittance files (S, Y and Z parameters).  A bundled optimization engine can automatically generate an equivalent lumped spice model that fits the scattering parameters of the original extracted netlist.  The entire process from importing the layout to generating a lumped equivalent model typically takes only a few minutes.  Users can also provide their own custom template for fitting to equivalent lumped models.

RF-PASS includes high frequency effects such as skin effect in conductors and substrate losses through capacitive and inductive coupling.  Multiple substrate layers can be defined to handle epitaxial wafers.  RF-PASS allows multiple contacts to the substrate both on the top and bottom surface to properly model current flow in the substrate.   Bundled visualization tools allow users to plot and compare output parameters.

RF-PASS utilizes the Jaguar 3D field solver.  Jaguar represents the state-of-the-art in field solvers from a company that has led the field in performance and accuracy of 3D extraction since 1988.

Pricing and Availability

The RF-PASS Software Suite starts at $105,000 and is available on most UNIX platforms.

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