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OEA International Announces First Hierarchical Design Planner for Power Distribution Networks

Morgan Hill, CA - May 20, 2002 - OEA today announced P-PLAN 2.0, an advanced tool for the planning of core power network distribution rails on hierarchical chip designs to help avoid IR drop problems and provide balancing of the current to IO pins.  New features are: hierarchical placement, multiple nets combined in the same simulation, more accurate rail placement, automatic rail hook-ups, and flip-chip support. "By using this tool, redesigns due to poor power distribution can be prevented and reliability of the chip power supply improved,"said Ersed Akcasu, President of OEA International, Inc.

P-PLAN provides a fast method to perform tradeoff analysis on core routing rail widths and spacing.  An input file contains top-level rails and IO rings, block rails and currents, and voltage source locations. P-PLAN uses this file to create a 3D model file and voltage and current source inputs for the OEA P-GRID 3D Power Distribution Network Solver.  P-GRID, with the 3D "Cheetah II" field solver, calculates the current flow from voltage sources to current sources.  Color-coded outputs make it easy to spot errors in power distribution such as high IR drop or poor distribution to the voltage inputs.  The user can easily modify the P-PLAN input and rerun the simulation.

P-GRID was announced in 1993, and was the first power network distribution tool. 

Pricing and Availability

OEA’s P-PLAN Power Network Planning tool is available immediately starting at $30,000.

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