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OEA International Announces the Formation of the Energy Division

Morgan Hill, California - May 9, 2009. OEA International, Inc. (OEA) the industry leader in the 3D Electronic Design Automation tools, today announced a expansion into the growing renewable energy business with the formation of the OEA International Energy Division.

For the past two years, OEA has been involved in a focused effort on new technology called the 'Akcasu Turbine'. The new turbine takes advantage of Dr. O. Ersed Akcasu's expertise in the computer modeling of complex problems and his passion for aeronautic performance. The result of the work is a new patent pending invention in which the turbine blades are constantly rotated to have the optimized attack angle to the energy medium. In the wind turbine application the structure takes the form of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) in which the blades angle of attack is computer controlled to extract the most energy from the wind as possible. The advantages are low wind capable, omni-directional, and lower overall cost than conventional Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines. The target for the Akcasu VAWT is distributed wind applications initially. The technology is also applicable to hydro-energy to extract energy for rivers and ocean tides.

About OEA International, Inc., Energy Division

OEA International, Inc., Energy Division designs and markets wind and water turbine technology for the alternative energy market. The products are based on a new patent pending turbine design. For additional information call (408)778-6747, or visit OEA online at

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