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OEA International, Inc., (OEA) is a company with a long history of superior analytical and mathmatical software solutions for the modeling of complex problems. This in-house expertise coupled with the knowledge of aeronautics enabled OEA to develop a significant technological breakthrough in the rapidly growing alternative energy sector of the US and global ecenomy. Over eight man years of effort have gone into development of the new technology called the 'Akcasu Turbine' resulting in a major advantage in a market where the technological advances have slowed dramatically. Countless fluid dynamics simulations have proven that the new wind and water turbine technology invented by Dr. O. Ersed Akcasu will provide significantly more energy than conventional turbines at a lower cost to build, lower cost to erect, and a lower cost to maintain when compared to the same length blades of other popularly available wind and water technology.  Industry leaders with the foresight to get involved with providing their companies a greener future should contact OEA to find out more on how we can assist in this effort.


The new Akcasu wind turbind design, based on patent pending technology is a vertical axis wind design having a significant performance advantage over traditional horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) designs that dot the country side today and also over other vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) designs researched and tested in the past. Using the same turbine concept, a similar performance improvement over existing concepts can be expected in low water flows such as run-of-the-river or tidal flows. To be brief, the main advantage is that the air foils or blades instantly rotate via computer controlled servo-motors to always be in a position to get the maxium available torque from the available wind or water energy in any direction and at any speed. In the wind application, this means for the same diameter turbine, it is projected to be twice the power of traditional horizontal axis wind turbine designs in the same radial footprint. Couple this with the fact that the OEA advanced turbine design is lower in cost, is less expensive to install, and is less expensive to maintain than other technologies.

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