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At DAC 2005 OEA International Invites You to Attend High Speed Digital &

RF Design Presentations and Demos

Morgan Hill, California - June 1, 2005. Designers are now faced with the additional burden of precise interconnect modeling.  This problem is compounded by the fact that most existing design tools do not properly model interconnects at higher frequencies and there is precious little related design experience available in the industry.

OEA International, the experts in parasitic extraction and analysis tools, will conduct technical presentations and demos on how to control parasitics. Presentations will cover use of extraction techniques in high-performance designs and will be offered at OEA’s demo suite #1100 daily during the conference. 

Presentations will include the following subjects:

1.  Critical Net Design Extraction and Analysis

  • Incremental Extraction of Critical Paths

  • High Accuracy Clock Skew with Return Path Considerations

  • When to Consider Inductive Effects

  • How to Increase Confidence in Timing Closure

  • Interconnect Modeling with Inductance

2.  On-Chip Inductor and RF Passive Component Design

  • Optimizing Passive Components

  • Frequency Dependent Effects

  • Substrate Modeling Effects

  • Designing the Right Inductor or Balun for Your Design

  • Simple but Highly Accurate Substrate Models

3.  Power Network Distribution Design Planning and Analysis

  • Minimizing Ground Bounce and Simultaneous Noise

  • High Speed IO Pin Placement and Package Analysis

  • Core Power Network Design Planning and Analysis 

  • Optimizing Power and Ground Distribution


Please select the presentation(s) you wish to attend and call Alla Toy at (408) 778-6747 or email to reserve a spot. During the DAC you can stop by OEA Booth # 1100 and sign up.



Please visit /document/classes.html for presentations schedule.


About OEA International

OEA International, Inc. is the industry leader in 3D extraction of interconnects. OEA's tools are currently used in the most demanding extraction and design environments. Some of the world’s most advanced design facilities use OEA tools for detailed analysis and design of high-speed clocks, buses, I/O rings, and power grids. For additional information call (408) 778-6747, or visit OEA online at

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