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OEA International Announces Spiral Inductor Synthesis


SPIRAL Adds New Features and Improves Performance

Morgan Hill, California - December 13, 2004. OEA International, Inc. announces new update to its popular SPIRAL[TM], a 3D inductor design toolset for synthesizing embedded inductors in analog and RF chips.  The new version of SPIRAL adds enhanced synthesis to minimize inductor footprint size on the chip, faster capacitance solver for unparalleled performance in solving inductor simulations, on-line electro-migration rule checking, enhanced process variation simulation, and full Linux platform support. SPIRAL also adds many usability options like enhanced S-Parameter, Smith, and 3D viewing, graphical technology rules file checking, and automatic simulation stop frequency detection.  While SPIRAL simulation was already the number one choice for advanced inductor design, these enhancements demonstrate OEA's commitment to delivering the most powerful and fastest design tools for the most difficult and specialized applications.


Summary of New SPIRAL Features:

  • Automatic Minimization of Inductor Size  

As part of the Automatic Synthesis algorithm, users now have the option of requesting SPIRAL to find the minimum size footprint to meet their design needs.  This option can be used for simple 2-port inductors or complex 3-port baluns.

  • Unparallel Simulation Speed

A new capacitance solver has been incorporated which speeds simulation times by as much as 10X.  SPIRAL, which was already the fastest 3D inductor simulator, now completes the extraction portion of the simulation in just seconds.

  • In-line Electromigration Rules (EM) Rules Checking

A big concern of RF designers is whether the inductor design meets EM requirements specified by the foundry.  SPIRAL now automatically can check for EM violating structures before going through a lengthy simulation.  SPIRAL checks the defined structure against foundry rules and prevents the simulation of violating structures.

  • Enhanced Process Variation Simulation

Using foundry process variations, SPIRAL can predict the best case and worst case performance parameters which can be expected from the design.  This unique capability assures that the inductor design will not adversely affect yield of the overall design.

  • Linux Support

OEA has enhanced the Linux Support with a port compatible with all current Red Hat Linux versions. 


SPIRAL Tool Overview

By providing a simple set of performance and physical specifications SPIRAL allows designers to automatically and quickly synthesize, analyze, and optimize a wide range of inductors, including baluns, differential inductors and transformers. In a matter of minutes SPIRAL can find and synthesize an inductor optimally suited to the users' specific circuit requirements. SPIRAL can be used in a batch mode, in an interactive mode through a robust graphical users interface, or seamlessly from within the Cadence DFII environment SPIRAL generates all of the user modeling needs including GDS2 layout; S-Parameters; Y-Parameters; Z-Parameters; plots of inductance, resistance and quality factor versus frequency; and narrow-band and wide-band compact spice models.  SPIRAL results have proven to be highly accurate for mainstream and advanced process proven through validation.


Pricing and Availability

Spiral is available immediately on Linux and Solaris based systems starting at $25,000 for a time-based license.


About OEA International

OEA International, Inc. was formed in 1988 to address demanding IC extraction problems.  The company has secured the extraction accuracy leadership role by working closely with major IC and system companies using the most modern process technologies available.  Through these relationships, the company has applied it 3D extraction expertise to provide a family of critical net design tools, signal integrity analysis tools, and RF component design tools.

RF/analog designers also have available RF-PASS[TM], a passive component analysis tool which ensures the most accurate models for on-chip resistors, capacitors, coil transformers and wind up/down inductors. For additional information call (408) 778-6747, or visit OEA online at .


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