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OEA International Announces New Release of P-GRID Power Distribution Analysis Tool

Morgan Hill, California - May 25, 2004. OEA International, Inc. (OEA) today announced major update to its P-GRID 3.0[TM], an advanced tool for the analysis of complex IC core power distribution networks for excessive voltage drop (IR Drop) and electromigration violations.  In today's large SOC devices and advanced ASICs there are major concerns about the low voltage margins caused by small voltage differentials, the effects of switched power for large sections of the chip, and real worries about excessive power leakage in nanometer technologies.  P-GRID helps eliminate those concerns by giving an accurate analysis of the current distribution through the core of the chip. 

The new P-GRID features are:

  • More than 10X speed improvement, allowing accurate analysis of larger chips.

  • More compact and efficient data model for handling via arrays accurately while saving time. 
  • New color-coded report outputs detailing block currents, outputs detailing average current in by area in the contact layer, and details on voltage drop in the via layers.

"By using this tool, redesigns due to poor power distribution can be prevented and reliability of the chip power supply improved," said Mike Xie, Engineering Manager at OEA International. 

In today's high performance VLSI designs, accurate extraction and modeling of the power and ground distribution network is essential.  P-GRID employs a fully seamless 3D Laplace/Poisson field solution using the fast proprietary "Cheetah II" solver to extract distributed current flow model for even the most complex networks and calculates the current flow from voltage sources to current sources.  Color-coded outputs make it easy to spot errors in power distribution such as high IR drop or poor distribution to the voltage inputs. 

Other 2D and square count based net extraction methods do not accurately account for the 3D current distribution and current crowding effects.  Also, because the results of other tools extraction may just be a SPICE deck, it can be difficult or impossible to use because of too many I/Os or a SPICE deck just too large to be simulated.  Thus, results derived from these 2D tools can be inaccurate or impossible to use.  P-GRID will simulate the average IC block power net, solving in excess of 50 million equations, in just minutes.

P-GRID was first announced in 1993, and was the first power network distribution tool available on the market. 

Availability and Pricing

P-GRID software runs on major operating systems, including Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and Red Hat Linux.  OEA's P-GRID Power Network Planning tool is available immediately starting at $36,000 for a one-year license.


About OEA International

OEA International, Inc., is the industry leader in 3D extraction of interconnects. OEA's tools are currently used in the most demanding extraction and design environments. Some of the world's most advanced design facilities use OEA tools for detailed analysis and design of high-speed clocks, buses, I/O rings, and power grids. For additional information call (408) 778-6747, or visit OEA online at

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