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Enabling Solutions and OEA International

Partner to Offer Systems Level Characterization Solutions

Morgan Hill, California - May 28, 2003. OEA International, Inc. (OEA), the industry leader in 3D interconnect extraction, and Enabling Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of high speed interconnect (PCB, connector and package) characterization and design solutions to system houses and the semiconductor industries, today announced an agreement that will allow Enabling Solutions to use OEA's state-of-the-art 2D and 3D interconnect simulation tools into its system level characterization services. In return, Enabling Solutions will provide critical feedback and product development guidance to enable OEA to better serve the systems marketplace.

"Customer demand for high performance and ever smaller devices has made semiconductor packaging and interconnect design a vital contributor to system performance. As integrated circuits have become faster and more complex, the cost and performance of interconnects between chip and system board and between chip to chip on system boards has become both a significant challenge and an enabling technology. Enabling Solutions expertise in high speed electrical characterization and design incorporated with OEA's  characterizations tools will offer a complete, accurate, high frequency interconnect solution," said Manoj Nachnani, president of Enabling Solutions. "This characterization solution jointly developed, will address the growing need for  efficient interconnect models for the densely routed packages and boards to better predict performance in the design of PCBs, MCMs, and IC packages used in leading-edge digital and analog designs."


 "OEA offers very fast and accurate 2D and 3D inductance simulators for calculating electrical parasitics of complex interconnect structures including package leads, bond wires, connectors, power and ground planes. Our package characterization tools are designed to develop detailed models quickly and efficiently for understanding, analyzing, and optimizing interconnect delay and crosstalk, and their effects in IC, PCB, Hybrid, MCM, and package modeling applications," said Jerry Tallinger, vice president of marketing and sales at OEA International. "Problems such as simultaneous switching noise and ground bounce in packaging can easily be modeled and solved. Careful consideration of the electrical characteristics of a package will enhance an integrated circuit's handling of complex high speed switching signals."


About the Enabling Solutions/OEA Agreement

Enabling Solutions and OEA have partnered together to provide tools and methodologies for characterizing and analyzing large number of I/Os efficiently. Also, the companies have entered into a marketing and reselling agreement by which Enabling Solutions will market a number of OEA products through its distribution channels.


About Enabling Solutions, Inc.

Enabling Solutions, Inc. has been in the business of providing services to system houses and the semiconductor industries for the last seven years. It   was incorporated on May 21st 1996 in the State of California and is a privately funded corporation. The company is currently focused on providing services in the areas of interconnect Characterization, System level Signal Integrity Analysis, high speed package substrate and system board designs. For additional information call (408) 573-1325, or visit Enabling Solutions online at


About OEA International, Inc.

OEA International, Inc. designs and licenses state-of-the art parasitic extraction software for the electronic computer aided design (ECAD) industry.  OEA software is designed to be extremely high performance and handle very complex models with a high degree of accuracy.  OEA products are used to substantially increase engineering productivity and first time success in the design of interconnect and packaging technologies for sophisticated electronic systems and integrated circuits. The company has secured the extraction accuracy leadership role by working closely with major IC and system companies using the most modern process technologies available.  Through these relationships, the company has applied it 3D extraction expertise to provide a family of critical net design tools, signal integrity analysis tools, and RF component design tools.  For additional information call (408) 778-6747, or visit OEA online at



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