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OEA International Announces New Release of SPIRAL Inductor Synthesis Software

SPIRAL Adds New Capabilities and Improves Ease of Use

Morgan Hill, California - May 13, 2003.  OEA International, Inc. announces major update to its popular SPIRALTM, a specialized 3D inductor design toolset for synthesizing embedded spiral inductors in analog and RF chips, hybrids, MCMs, and PCBs. SPIRAL can be used in batch, as a stand alone UNIX GUI or seamlessly from within the Cadence DFII environment. If SPIRAL is used from within the Cadence Design Framework it automatically generates layout, schematic and symbol views for the user. SPIRAL results have proven to be highly accurate for the processes tried to date, for many of the common foundry processes validation data may exist and be available for perusal by end users.

The new SPIRAL features include:

  • A refined substrate modeling capability that improves both accuracy and performance.  The substrate model can now handle almost any level of complexity within the substrate including, epitaxial layers, implants, silicon, GaAs, InP, silicon on insulator and more.  Prediction of resonance frequency and losses in the substrate due to displacement and eddy currents has been greatly improved.
  • Support for any number of parallel metal layers in the winding or cross-under.  This allows users to reduce series resistance and improve Q.  This feature is especially useful when using the inductors at lower frequencies.  Alternatively, in some cases, this feature has allowed designs to opt for a cheaper digital version of a process instead of a more costly RF process that includes thick metal layers.
  • Automatic generation of patterned ground shields (PGS).  SPIRAL will synthesize inductors with PGS.  In some cases Q can be improved by 30% with the proper use of PGS.  Since a PGS is not always a beneficial SPIRAL warns the user if the PGS is being used inappropriately. 

"Often, a few minutes of using SPIRAL replaces what would otherwise have been days or weeks of effort by a person skilled in the use of electromagnetic simulation software," said Haris Basit, Vice President of Business Development at OEA International, Inc.  "The additional capabilities are specifically in areas that our customers have requested. "

OEA's flagship inductor modeling software SPIRAL allows designers to automatically and quickly synthesize, analyze, and optimize a wide range of inductors, including symmetric inductors, by providing a simple set of specifications. In a matter of minutes SPIRAL can find and synthesize an inductor optimally suited to the users' circuit requirements. In most modes SPIRAL is highly automated and generates all of the items the user needs. This includes layout in GDS2 format; S-Parameters; Y-Parameters; Z-Parameters; inductance, resistance and quality factor versus frequency plots; and compact spice models. 

SPIRAL is available now, starting at $75,000 per license.

About OEA International

OEA International, Inc. was formed in 1988 to address demanding IC extraction problems.  The company has secured the extraction accuracy leadership role by working closely with major IC and system companies using the most modern process technologies available.  Through these relationships, the company has applied it 3D extraction expertise to provide a family of critical net design tools, signal integrity analysis tools, and RF component design tools.

RF/analog designers use RF-PASSTM, a passive component analysis tool to ensure the most accurate values for on-chip resistors, capacitors, transformers and baluns.  SPIRALTM, a spiral inductor synthesis tool automatically delivers a complete physical layout and models for inductive components. For additional information call (408) 778-6747, or visit OEA online at .


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