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Santa Clara, CA - DAC, June 1999 - OEA International, Inc. announces the first release of "RING Designer ", a unique program for optimizing the design of VLSI power distribution I/O Rings. Common problems of ground bounce and simultaneous switching noise are easily debugged and solutions found by fast turn around what-if analysis. RING Designer allows for fast changes in ring width, pad locations, by-pass capacitor value selection and location, and buffer size selection and locations to resolve problems.

Full SPICE Analysis of Ring Circuit
RING Designer allows the user to easily specify the full SPICE circuit parameters of the planned ring design including I/O buffer SPICE circuits, power ring sizes, and locations of by-pass capacitors, voltage supply pads and I/O buffers. Using the OEA 3-D Extraction tool a full RCLK SPICE circuit of the ring is created. Also, package parasitics and PCB parasitics can be extracted using the OEA HENRY and METAL programs. Once the complete circuit is specified, SPICE is run and the resulting transient analysis is given for various switching vectors.

Eliminates Over Design
By calculating the optimal number of VDD/VSS supply pads, RING Designer can save package pins and even allow a smaller pin count package to be used in some cases. Cost trade-offs are made easily because the PCB, package and chip rings are modeled together.

Pricing, Platforms and Availability:
RING Designer runs on all popular Sun and IBM workstations. Available for Beta Site delivery with pricing information upon request.

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NET-AN - A three-dimensional IC critical net field simulator for creating very accurate RCL SPICE decks of selected nets on an IC. NET-AN graphically extracts, builds a 3-D model, and simulates a net, tree, or critical path allowing the user or the system to automatically assign nodes.

TECH-AN - An IC process statistical analysis tool that statistically preprocesses technology data for floorplanners, routers and other extraction tools.

Company Profile:

OEA International, Inc. designs and licenses state-of-the-art signal integrity software for the electronic design automation (EDA) industry. OEA's software is designed to be extremely high performance and handle very complex models with a high degree of accuracy. OEA products are used to substantially increase engineering productivity and first time success in the design of interconnect and packaging technologies for sophisticated electronic systems and integrated circuits.

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