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Santa Clara, CA - May 22, 2000 - Today, OEA International, Inc. and Silicon Metrics Corporation (Austin, TX) announced an agreement that will allow Silicon Metrics to incorporate into its SiliconSmart product line embedded versions of OEA International, Inc.'s NET-AN™ and CELL-AN™ products featuring the Cheetah II™ 3-D extraction technology.  Silicon Metrics has plans to incorporate NET-AN and CELL-AN capabilities into future SiliconSmart products within the next 2 quarters.

Under terms of this agreement, Silicon Metrics will license OEA's embedded tools for VLSI device and interconnect modeling, extraction, and GDSII visualization.  Specific financial terms were not disclosed.

Targeted to those SoC designers working on below 0.25 designs, and require the highest accuracy timing sign-off that 3-D extraction enables, users of Silicon Metrics' SiliconSmart TSO™ (timing sign-off) product will now be able to create instance specific operating point (ISOP) path models that account for over-the-cell routing and exact loading conditions.

"Clearly, our users are beginning their next projects with demands placed on their design time, innovation and expertise in ways not conceived five years ago.  Today, 3-D extraction is must have for those customers working with nanometer design technologies," said Silicon Metrics' Rod Dudzinski, vice president of marketing.

"Our customers know that high-accuracy extraction is critical to achieving timing sign-off for SoCs," said Jerry Tallinger, vice president of marketing & sales at OEA.  "We are excited to provide Silicon Metrics with key technology components that provide transistor-level timing sign-off confidence for gate-level designers."

Pricing and Availability
SiliconSmart TSO configurations containing the OEA technology components will be available starting Q3 2000, and will be priced beginning at $175,000.

About OEA International, Inc.
OEA International, Inc. designs and licenses state-of-the-art signal integrity software for the electronic design automation (EDA) industry.  OEA's software is designed to be extremely high performance and handle very complex models with a high degree of accuracy.  OEA products are used to substantially increase engineering productivity and first time success in the design of interconnect and packaging technologies for sophisticated electronic systems and integrated circuits.   For additional information, call 408-738-5972, or visit OEA online at

About Silicon Metrics Corporation
Silicon Metrics develops and markets EDA technology and products to help design teams reduce silicon re-spins due to hidden timing flaws.  Founded in 1997 to address the impending system-on-chip (SOC) timing sign-off challenge, the company began its first phase by building the industry's first automatic standard cell, IO and memory characterization and modeling solution for integrated circuits (IC).  Rapid market adoption of its very deep submicron (VDSM) characterization tools has propelled the company to focus on delivering a new generation of VDSM modeling and timing sign-off solutions, based on the company's SMART technology.

Silicon Metrics Corporation is a privately held company based in Austin, Texas.  The company has offices in Austin and San Jose, California and is represented by Marubeni Solutions in Japan and SPEC GmbH in Europe.  Silicon Metrics received equity funding from Austin Ventures, LLP in 1998.  The Silicon Metrics team brings decades of combined electrical engineering and electronic design automation experience to bear on the challenge of eliminating silicon re-spins due to timing flaws.   For more information, call 1-888-828-3736, or visit online at

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