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Santa Clara, CA - DAC, June 1999 - OEA International, Inc. announces the first release of "P-PLAN ", a VLSI power distribution network floorplanning tool. P-PLAN works with OEA P-GRID 3-D Power Distribution Network Analyzer to help the designer optimize the geometric configuration of the VDD and VSS equalization rings, internal distribution rails, and voltage source pad locations using estimated block currents. By allowing the user a fast means of redefining and re-simulating the planned design configuration in the floorplanning stage, major electromigration and I/R drop failures can be avoided. "P-PLAN can save days of redesign time because problems are found earlier rather than later in the design cycle", says Jerry Tallinger, VP, Marketing & Sales at OEA International, Inc.

Full 3-D Model Building, 3-D Extraction and Simulation Flow
In the P-PLAN program flow, the designer supplies the initial ring size, top level power rails, voltage input pad locations, and via parameters. Also supplied are the block locations in the floorplan with the planned major power rails and average or peak current source values for the block. Combined with the process technology data, a 3-D model for the rail data is created and tied together with program generated vias. The 3-D model is then extracted and simulated with P-GRID for IR drop and electromigration rules violations. Results are displayed in color-coded plots that clearly show if the planned design will fall within design limits.

Fast Optimization Cycles
By allowing the user to run through the entire cycle of analyzing results, changing the input parameters, and re-simulating in less than one hour, the power rail design can be quickly optimized before detailed routing prevents quick solutions to problem areas.

Pricing, Platforms and Availability:
P-PLAN runs on all popular Sun and IBM workstations. Available for immediate delivery with pricing information upon request.

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Company Profile:

OEA International, Inc. designs and licenses state-of-the-art signal integrity software for the electronic design automation (EDA) industry. OEA's software is designed to be extremely high performance and handle very complex models with a high degree of accuracy. OEA products are used to substantially increase engineering productivity and first time success in the design of interconnect and packaging technologies for sophisticated electronic systems and integrated circuits.

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